Kevin’s Corner

This page is all about being myself.  Being yourself is important because it allows you to live an authentic and fulfilling life. Being true to yourself means accepting your unique strengths, weaknesses, and passions, and using them to make positive contributions to the world around you.

Furthermore, Being yourself means not trying to conform to societal norms or to become someone else, it can help you to develop strong self-esteem, it also allows you to make meaningful connections with others and to build strong, authentic relationships.

I will try to provide value to people through good advice, funny stories, and just being plain old Kevin. If you know me, then you know I can be funny, emotional, offensive, and kind. I will never make a post with the purpose of hurting someone or to be rude. But the world is missing people willing to be who they are the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Enjoy!

What about Whiskey?

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a magical elixir known as whiskey. It was said to have the power

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Life in the Country

After working in the city and seeing what life is like up there. I’ve learned that living in the country is a whole different ball

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The Beginning

And so it begins. I am finding that in life if you want to achieve more than most, you have to sacrifice more than most.

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