About Us

Welcome to The Stahl Agency

After years as a captive agent, I realized my clients were trusting me to get them the recommended coverages at the best prices.  I could not do that for them when I am bound to one company. This brokerage is a leap of faith, a start over, and my way of saying my loyalty is to the client not a company.

Who Are We

We are an organization that is focused on community, family, and clients. We are determined to build a business that will last generations. We want to enrich our communities and be an example of honesty and integrity.

Our Mission

Provide an atmosphere where constant growth internally and externally allows us to have fun, be honest, stay current, knowing both clients and staff can sleep peacefully. 

Our 6-Step Process



In this step we need to get your info, I will send you a link that will get us some info, the rest we will grab from you. Then find out what worries you the most, so we can make sure that is taken care of.



Here we will do all the background work and put together the absolute best package for you and your family.



This is the phase where I get to give you the good news! I can do this via email, phone or in person. We do business how you want to do business.



We found you a great coverages and the best deal, we are moving forward. Let get this deal done.


Keep In Touch

Too many times we have seen where someone adds onto their home, remodels, or sells a car and forgets to tell us. We will make sure to touch base with you through out the year, so you don’t forget we are here. 



That term flew bye. We will look at your coverages and prices to make sure we still have the best deal for you! 

Why Choose Us?

With all the uncertainty in this world right now, why not have something stable. We will be here for you when you need us.

We have over 25 years combined experience in the insurance industry,  and have assisted our clients with hundreds of claims.

We may have office specific office hours, but if you have an emergency we will be here for you 24/7. There is also specific carrier support, and our own app to access your policy information at anytime. 

When I left my captive company, I realized how much more I can do for clients with technology. From gathering dec pages, texting, emailing, to a custom app with all your policy info regardless of company. 

We will not pressure you into a policy with us. If it is not right for you its not right for us. We even have some options that give you complete control of coverages, premium, and application. 

Our clients know we have put in the time and energy to make sure the business side is taken care of. So when we reach out it is more like talking to family or friends. 

Some Numbers

Stats will be updated monthly.

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Number of Commercial Companies to shop with.
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Average Percentage Saved
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Average Annual Savings

Still have questions, give us a call!

Our hours are 9 – 5 pm Monday – Friday.

*With prior notice we can schedule weekend appointments.

 We are always available for our clients in emergency situations.